Computer Support Services for Keswick and North Cumbria

tel: 017687 79932


Our IT support team are trained to fix most computer problems, whether it is a software or hardware related issue, MAC or Windows PC. Perhaps, your pc has crashed or maybe you would like a speedier Internet connection. Whatever the problem – we can help. We can also help with many other computer problems such as those with tablets, printers, scanners and other computer peripherals.

For your complete peace of mind we also offer no-fix, no-fee pricing for machines dropped into our workshops though this excludes data recovery.

General PC & Laptop Repairs

We fix most makes and models of PC, laptop and netbook. Some repairs may be carried out on-site but generally the most economical option is to return the offending item to our workshops in Threlkeld for a thorough check over and test.

Typical hardware fixes include replacing dead or dying;

  • hard disks
  • power supplies
  • screens
  • graphics cards

Supply & setup New PC’s & Laptops

We can configure new PCs or laptops that you have purchased or we can provide and configure them. This typically includes making sure that your new computer;

  • is up to date with its software
  • has suitable internet security software
  • has your old PC’s data and emails transferred to it
  • is connected to your internet service provider
  • etc.

Malware & Virus Removal

It’s a sad fact of the modern Internet world that there are those out there that just seem to want to cause the most disruption and inconvenience to your machine. Some have more devious objectives and want to steal your valuable data or security details. To this end they (the bad guys) are ever inventive of ways to get their unwanted programs onto your machine and, unfortunately, on occasion succeed. On the up-side we can remove most malware (viruses, trojans, potentially unwanted programs and other nasty beasties).

Occasionally we may need to save your data, “zap” your computer and then re-install Windows and recover your data, but it seldom requires this to remove the more run-of-the-mill nasties.

Router & WiFi Setup

If you are new to the internet or you are changing your Internet Service Provider we can set up your new router, your PC’s and laptops, wireless printers, etc.

We can supply and install wireless access points and repeaters in larger premises (Guest Houses and Hotels) to provide wider coverage to guests. Call us for details as there are various methods that we have used to provide this coverage, depending on the building type, availability of power, routing options for network cables, etc.