Computer Support Services for Keswick and North Cumbria

tel: 017687 79932


We provide on-site and remote support services for Keswick and the North Lakes area. We are knowledgable, experienced, local, friendly and affordable. We have many years of offering PC and IT support for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computer users both at home and in the office.

Maintenance contracts available.

We can also offer one-to-one training for those that just need that little extra guidance or familiarisation with a specific program or specific more efficient way of working.

We provide comprehensive support for the home and small business users in Keswick and North Cumbria.

We can help:

  • remove and secure computers against viruses
  • reduce the amount of spam received
  • personalize e-mail and web space
  • secure wireless networks
  • automate data backup
  • secure computers from hackers
  • securely wipe hard disks before disposal
  • keep systems up to date
  • set up PC, laptops, routers, etc
  • provide WiFi for B&B and hotel guests
  • provide training for most popular applications
  • help you through problems via remote access

Based in Threlkeld, near Keswick we offer onsite support at your home or office, remote access support and collect and return services.

Power Supply Danger

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Beware when buying replacement laptop and netbook power supplies! Sometimes you can source a good replacement laptop power supply off the internet and it will do the job fine, but we have a couple of caveats. One such power supply was “doing its job”, but after some people were “getting a bit of a tingle” when they touched the netbook that it was plugged into we got the oscilloscope onto it and found that it was putting about 90v ac onto the chassis of the netbook. If in doubt, don’t buy low cost power supplies...

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Changing Passwords

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A number of our customers have recently called us after entering their details including passwords into a ‘scam’ message, and with the recent news that the social network site Linkedin has been hacked and millions of passwords have been leaked, we are all being advised to change our passwords.   With this in mind we thought that we would give you some advice about passwords and keeping your online accounts secure. There are so many things these days that requires passwords, that’s why people finds it difficult to remember...

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Helping Yourself

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Most of us these days are in a position where we depend on our computers on daily basis. So what would you do if something happens to your computer? We have put together some information about ways to prevent something happening to your PC. By following the advice given we are not saying that something will never happen to your PC, but it could help prevent it.   Laptops Laptops are designed with the idea that you can use it anywhere, but when using your laptop try not to use it on a surface where fluff might be able to get into the fan, such...

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